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Alliance for Resolution brings a wealth of expertise with a proven track record in the design of customized human resource training. The principal facilitators are seasoned, experienced trainers who have created successful training programs since 1992 for a vast array of Fortune 500 /1000 companies as well as numerous public sector agencies.


Conflict is ever present in the workplace. If it is not managed at an early stage, it escalates, and can disrupt the workplace. Managers are asked to resolve these conflicts when they first arise, but are given little or no training in mediation and other informal conflict resolution techniques. In fact, one-third of a manager's time is spent fielding conflicts, which are often only temporarily resolved.

Alliance for Resolution trains managers and human resources staff to respond immediately to developing conflicts by giving them the tools to mediate disputes. We offer proven trainings or custom-designed programs that present the following skills:

  • Early conflict identification and response
  • Advanced listening skills
  • Conflict Management
  • Reframing and problem-solving
  • Negotiation theory and practice
  • Counseling techniques
  • Collaborative Communication
  • Mediation Training
  • Conflict theory and styles

Depending on your needs and unique circumstances, we offer luncheon trainings as well as half, full or multiple-day sessions. We also provide consultation on how to design effective training.

Mediation Workshops

Alliance for Resolution offers a series of mediation workshops aimed at providing participants with an in-depth approach to the mediation process. These workshop programs include the following topics:

1.) Mediating Workplace Disputes

An interactive, team-taught, skills-based workshop providing hands-on experience covering the resolution of workplace conflicts through mediation and facilitation. The course will introduce and/or enhance the following skills in mediation:

  • Understanding and Addressing Conflict
  • Management of Workplace Disputes
  • Resolving Interpersonal Disputes

2.) Advanced Mediation Workshop

A practice workshop that focuses on advanced mediation techniques and skills. All participants will receive valuable coaching from experienced trainers and peer mediators.

This workshop will allow professionals to:

  • Learn new techniques
  • Improve skills
  • become more effective in managing workplace conflict

3.) Mediation Practice Workshops

A follow-up session to the mediation trainings [above] where participants will:

  • Practice mediation skills with role-plays
  • Discuss issues participants are having in current mediations
  • Observe experienced mediators in action
  • Receive constructive feedback on mediation techniques


Creating a Harassment and Discrimination Free Workplace

This workshop is designed to provide managers, supervisors, lead personnel and employees with information about harassment and discrimination issues. In the workshop they will learn to understand and recognize harassment and discrimination when it occurs. They will be provided with the skills that will help them deal effectively with existing or potential problems, and handle their own or others' complaints in the workplace.

Communication Skills

Communication in the workplace is very important to everyone's success and is the most potent career and personal skill you can possess. In our workshop you will become aware of your communication style and how it is effective with some people, but not with others. Participants will also learn how to communicate confidently by utilizing practical techniques and skills that are essential for all management and lead personnel. This workshop will give and/or enhance skills in active listening, communication and how to give effective feedback. The workshop emphasizes skill building through interactive exercises such as role-playing and self assessment of communication styles. The program is specifically tailored to apply key communication techniques to the jobsite (i.e., to learn effective ways of communicating with others).

Maximizing your Strengths as a Manager

Managers have influence over other people. Their strengths can be of terrific benefit for the people who work for them. By the same token, their limitations can trickle down to create frustration, confusion, or even paralysis for those they manage. Because of the effect they have on others, managers have a responsibility to know themselves. This seminar gives managers a safe, fun way to understand and organize their individual strengths and challenges. As a result, they gain a greater appreciation for the impact their behavior has on others and they discover how their communication style is perceived differently by subordinates. Through the workshop, participants will learn to maximize their strengths, making themselves and the people they manage work together more effectively.

Coaching Skills for Managers

This seminar equips you with the coaching skills that will immediately begin transforming your work group into a team that works well together. Forward-thinking managers have discovered that the same skills that coaches use to create winners in athletics also work in a business setting. This one-day seminar is designed to teach you powerful coaching methods to turn even problem employees into productive, motivated team members. You'll learn how to instill the kind of energy and enthusiasm that makes productivity soar by teaching you, step-by-step, how to produce a manager's "game plan" that will ensure that your team reach [or exceed!] the department's goals and objectives. You'll also discover how to maximize every employee's abilities and uncover strengths and talents you never knew existed.

Executive Coaching Program

Executive coaching is a practical, personalized one-on-one partnership designed to assist clients in achieving goals- whether personal, professional or both. Coaching can benefit anyone working to improve various areas of his or her life. The coaching begins with a series of conversations in which the coach and client establish a relationship of trust. These initial conversations cover any areas the client would like to address.

Following these preliminary discussions, the coach will design a personalized program that will support the client in successfully setting and reaching attainable goals. This structure may include weekly or bi-weekly one-on-one conversations, self-reflective practices and other exercises intended to integrate new insight and activities into the client's daily life.

The coach's role is to provide insight and clarity, enabling the client to gain a fresh perspective, envision new possibilities and take new action. After completing the coaching program, the client will have achieved measurable progress toward identifying program objectives. As a result of the self-awareness gained through participation in the program, the client will possess a greater ability to define goals and take positive and consistent steps toward their fulfillment.

One of the greatest challenges to achieving desired outcomes is maintaining a sustained client commitment to the coaching program. By continually assessing and refining program strategies, this program will anticipate and address potential breakdowns.